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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 2, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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the ball versus having the ball where the defense the staring at him. good screen by bosh. freeze the defense and he just misses. i like the strategy. >> mark: he's got to work on his ability to finish. >> mar >> mike: terry hits a pair. 14 now. they've got it back down to single digits. nine-point game. dallas with their much-improved defense, that's what they need now, stops. it was a two-point game earlier in the fourth. it bah land ellooned to 15. still miami ball. they have five to shoot. eric spoelstra calling out a play from the sideline. chalmers. on the drive. back to bosh. with one on the clock -- here
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comes dallas again. ball deflected. game one was close down the stretch. it was a four-point game with under four remaining. again, the heat turned it up defensively. dallas trying to make a comeback again. shot clock at eight. nowitzki against bosh. spinning. marion the drive. flips it up, banks it in. difficult shot for marion. and it a seven-point game. eight straight points now. the crowd's got a little quiet here. >> mark: now, dallas, can you get stops? can you continue to get enough stops to allow your offense to get back into this game? >> mike: an 8-0 run in two minutes. james. goes right at chandler -- and draws the foul. chandler not happy with the call.
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and james will go to the line. only the third and fourth time tonight. five on chandler. >> jeff: well, again, good defense initially by bosh. but give marion credit. attacking the closeout. and i thought down here tyson chandler did a good job of avoiding the foul but he got called for it. >> mike: james has missed both of his free throws tonight. he's only taken -- this is only his fifth free throw in the two games. hard to tell. we'll get a better angle here. perhaps. hits both free throws. 20 for james.
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nine-point game, as we get to four minutes remaining. nowitzki. back up to kidd. wide open for three -- knocks it down! jason kidd, a clutch shot. and it's a six-point game. >> mark: and, again, the playmaking ability of dirk nowitzki. forces to double-team and then find the wide open teammate. >> mike: you got to love the mavericks fighting back again here on the road. it was a 15-point game for miami just a few minutes ago. good ball denial from terry. james, falling away. difficult shot. that misses. nowitzki, the rebound. here come the mavericks. under 3:30 remaining. nowitzki is open. quickly converge. back out to kidd. terry the drive. terry the pullup. it's good! and a four-point game. time-out, miami.
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a terrific run here as terry, eight points in this run for the dallas mavericks. and they've sliced 11 points off the lead in just three minutes. >> mark: and here's how you do it. offensively. find the open man. if the double-team is there, unselfish play. nowitzki to kidd, knocks down the shot. and then terpry, one-on-one, stop on a dime. give him nine sents change. contest too late. dallas mavericks on a 13-2 run and back in this ball game. ♪ ha [ male announr ] a jump start without the jitters. ♪ y-e-e-eah ♪ i got it, heh ♪ watch me! unh! ♪ don't miss nothin' unh! [ male announcer ] the proven push. stamina in a bottle. the original gatorade. and thirst-quenching protein that helps restore your body while cooling you down. prime, perform, recover. the g series from gatorade.
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[ lock clicks ]form, recover. ♪ we're best friends we hold hands ♪ ♪ we're in love you're my man ♪ hey, gaaarry! ♪ darling, no ♪ that's not me ♪ i'm a ghost in the sheets ♪ ♪ well, is there something that you like about her ♪ [ mouthing words ] [ male announcer ] the next-generation civic sedan. to each their own. only from honda. >> mike: jason terry, eight points in the first three quarters, eight points now in the fourth. dallas right back in it. it's a four-point game, after they trailed by 15. you love this maverick veteran team, the way they've been able to battle back. what's the key, mark? >> mark: really, they've taken care of the basketball the last couple of minutes and got quality looks. it's a matter of taking care of
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the ball. >> mike: for the heat? >> jeff: they can't get stagnant. you have to keep the ball moving. and try to create open shots. and right now, got to be dwyane wade to play pick and roll basketball. >> mike: wade looking. finding james, inside to bosh. chandler right up on him. bosh on the drive -- lost it out of bounds. dallas ball. what a turnaround here in the fourth quarter. it looked like miami had blown the game open. and the mavericks fighting back. nowitzki. puts it up -- puts it in! two-point game with 2:43 remaining. a 15-2 run. >> jeff: and i like the set they've run the last two times. a staggered pick and roll for jason terry. more traffic, more difficult rotation to nowitzki. >> mike: haslem. misfires.
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marion the rebound. mavericks with a chance to tie or take the lead. >> mark: going with the same exact set. >> mike: kidd almost lost it. terry looking. shot clock down to eight. nowitzki off the dribble. leans in. shot blocked by james. picked up by kidd. he has to put it up. alley-oop to chandler, doesn't go. haslem with the loose ball. heads up play by kidd as the shot clock was winding down. but they come away empty. crowd gets on its feet with under two to play. two-point game. james with three on the shot clock. james fires up a three -- rebound, tipped out and a new 24. wade with a big play. bosh.
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great ball denial from kidd. chalmers spinning. haslem up top. three to shoot. james, another three -- won't go. haslem, the offensive rebound! tried to save it -- ball still loose. picked up by terry. here goes marion. back to nowitzki, banks it in, and the game is tied. what a comeback from the mavericks. time-out, miami. a 17-2 run. and this crowd is stunned. >> mark: you cannot play better defense than the dallas mavericks just did for that entire possession. and then in transition, unselfish play. nowitzki knocking down the basket. tying this ball game with a little over 57 seconds to go. the dallas mavericks putting on a heck of a run.
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>> mike: amazing comeback here in game two of the nba finals, with 57.6 seconds remaining. dallas down by 15, with 6:20 remaining. forcing yet another turnover and this bucket would tie the game. and the fans back in dallas watching at the american airlines center erupting. of course, remember, back in 2006 when these two teams met in the finals, game three it was the heat down by 13 with just over six minutes remaining. they came back, won the game that turned the times around. dallas trying to do the same thing with this 17-2 run. but can they finish it off? >> jeff: what is jason terry doing? >> mike: well, he's backing off.
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marion will guard james. wade. shot clock at eight. wade steps back. a three -- off the mark. nowitzki, the rebound. hands it off to kidd. >> jeff: miami's gotten very poor shots down the stretch tonight. >> mike: terry to nowitzki. puts it in! dallas goes up by three with 26.7 remaining! a 20-2 run. one of the most incredible comebacks in nba finals history. down 15 with 6:20 remaining and now in the lead.>> jeff: i lov playing out of transition. staggered pick and roll. chandler then pins for nowitzki. a wide open three-pointer. for the best shooter going right now. this is beautiful basketball.
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>> mike: and miami with that time-out now out of time-outs. as nowitzki, who has not shot the ball well tonight with a clutch bucket, a three-pointer, and rick carlisle is seeing his team do it again. we mentioned the comeback against oklahoma city, when they were down by 15 with just under five minutes remaining. this down 15 with just over six minutes left, but it's still not over. >> jeff: and miami has downsized, playing bosh at five, bringing mike miller back in the game. >> mark: and the reason why is because, now, defensively, there's a price to pay when one guy is roaming. you put mike miller on the floor, he's a shooter. now you have another threat. >> mike: can they finish it? chalmers wide open -- chalmers knocks down the three and ties the game!
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>> jeff: jason terry roaming on the in-bound pass to try to prevent the in-bound pass to go to wade and what a find by lebron james. he just -- jason terry just hanging out. >> mike: how about chalmers? back at kansas, hit that bag shot in the ncaa title game. and this one here ties it up with 24.5 remaining. big shot after big shot here as we wind down the stretch here of game two. and now dallas is out of time-outs. miami, however, has a foul to give. what a remarkable finish here to game two. and we might still have a lot of time remaining, if this one goes to o.t. >> mark: great, great finish.
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but i am absolutely stunned at the e defense terry just played. there's no excuse for helping in that situation. your job is to stay connect ed. what coach talked about. look at the pass by lebron james. immediately instead of waiting for wade, recognizing that terry is cheating the play. this was a shoot around jump shot. that's a practice jump shot. and mario chalmers knocks it down. >> mike: so, for dallas, 24.5 remaining. ok .5 between the shot clock and game clock. how far down to they go to make sure that this is the final shot attempt but at the same time, if they miss, get a chance for an offensive rebound? >> jeff: well, you don't have to worry as much about shooting, like, right at the buzzer, because miami has no time-outs left to advance it. but you have to take it down to four or under. certainly. you don't want to give james or
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wade a chance to push it. >> mike: and if i'm the mavs, i'm running the same play. but i'm not putting the ball in jason terry's hands until i'm ready to attack. the same double screen and roll they're getting quality offense out of. >> mike: chthey put bosh on nowitzki in that possession. seven to shoot. nowitzki. drives. lefty layup, banks it in with 3.6 remaining. miami out of time-outs. trailing by two. james back to wade. wade puts it up for the win -- off the mark. and dallas has tied the finals with one of the most incredible comebacks in nba finals history. dirk nowitzki, the last nine points for the mavericks, and this building has gone quiet.
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the mavericks do it again. >> mark: what a great game. and i love down the stretch, they put the ball in their best player's hands and dirk nowitzki did not settle for a jump shot. put the ball on the floor and i guess we can say that that left finger is okay. finishes with a big-time lay-in, and then, getting back, stopping the basketball and contesting the shot of dwyane wade. >> jeff: and, again, putting bosh on him who had done a good job -- i think the heat were late to help here. >> mike: they had a foul to give, too. >> jeff: that's just -- that's just too easy. and mike, that foul to give is very interesting, because you would have had to take it earlier, versus when he bounces it starting to go to the rim. >> mike: nowitzki the last nine maverick points. he's with doris. >> doris: dirk, you trailed by 15 points with six minutes to go
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and all the momentum was with miami heat. how did you guys turn this thing around? >> well, defensively we really got up and into them. we pressured them full court and then we scrambled defensively. and we gave up some second, some offensive rebounds but we kept scrambling offensively. we can move and we can play off the flow. i think they are really doing a great job on 0 set offense. so -- i thought that the stops and the runouts really made the game easier for us. >> doris: when chalmers made the three, you were frustrated going to the bench. take us to the last play and your ability to respond? >> well, you know, to get the lead after being down 15 was big. and then we just leave a shooter wide open. so, it was a mental breakdown. but we still had a good position. 24 seconds, ball, tie game. and they had a foul to give, so, i think it went a little earlier, thinking they might foul and we have to take it out
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of bounds. but it was able to get by bosh and get the layup. >> doris: i think we'll forgive terry for that last play. how important was it to see him make shots? >> well, they run all our shooters off the line. veryat let you can on the perimeter. so, finally there in the fourth quarter, we found some openings. we got is open looks. we got the runout layup. we definitely needed to score in there. >> doris: dirk, thank you. mike? >> mike: a 22-5 run, last 6:20. dallas with an unbelievable victory here in miami to snap the home winning streak. first home loss of the playoffs for the heat. and nowitzki is the winner of tonight's finals player of the game presented by t-mobile. be sure to tune into game three coming up from dallas and you get a chance to vote again. as the dallas mavericks even up the 2011 nba finals at one game
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apiece. he scores the bucket here in miami. the maverick fans back in dallas at the american airlines center erupt. and they will welcome home their team in game three on sunday with open arms as they get that victory on the road. such an unlikely win as miami seemed to be in complete control with just over six minutes remaining and a 15-point lead. so, the finals will continue, there will definitely be a game five. sunday night, back to dallas. little earlier tip. shortly after 8:00 eastern, as the series shifts to dallas for games three, four and five. our coverage begins at 7:30 eastern with "buick regal nba countdown." an amazing playoff game in what's been an amazing playoff run for the dallas mavericks and for the nba. and more to come. again, the final score, 95-93. for mark jackson, jeff van gundy, doris burke, producer tim corrigan and our entire crew.
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mike breen, saying so long from miami. stay tuned, your late local news, "nightline" and "jimmy kimmel live" over most of these abc stations. thanks for watching abc, home of the nba finals. next stop, dallas. rolls. the mavericks tie the series. the heat try to recapture. game three, sunday. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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[ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go.
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captioned by the national captioning institute is abc 7 breaking news. >> a mother and her one-year-old found dead.e been they will balance at the community center. learned? you >> they have confirmed the worst news. missing since monday. they have been found near the community is serious. they were a way.
11:55 pm
a connecticut firm. this has been excruciating. the baby's mother called. it was around 10:00 p.m.. nightaid this is the before a child support case. if they cannot get in touch. know the status. >> my granddaughter's birthday was last month.
11:56 pm
. them back,. has information, know. let me >> there are a lot of unanswered questions. confirmed that it was young woman ended in a bid the victims at a homicide. confirm who they are. they ask a lot of questions. they have to find something out. we are live in chapel hill. >> case closed. one-- weors say that no
11:57 pm
covering this story. several employees and the co owners chaste until police arrived. during those moments, something caused the death. struckason they say he mohammed. to second-degree murder charges. they had early witness accounts. evidence and not support this. prosecutors dropped the charges. renewededical had charges. prosecutors determined what they
11:58 pm
involved, they are not criminally responsible. injuries came from the holding him on the ground. >> it is not over. they fight for justice. it was initially close but now back in business. there is a sense every week. >> absolutely. >> they say the family will file a civil suit. abc 7 news. we are learning more about tornado.y it hit springfield and is responsible for three deaths. investigation is still under way. this is yardy become the
11:59 pm
deadliest ternate related deaths since 1960. 522 people have already been killed by tornadoes. much, thenions are they were last night. thanere are much calmer last >> even with that low humidity, is high temperatures. it is close to 90 today. now we are down into the 50's and 60's. what a difference. do you remember yesterday afternoon? but at the temperatures. 64 degrees. there may be an afternoon shower. with us for a while. they are heading out to the
12:00 am
beaches. this is a plan to stick around for a little bit. >> glad you set it up. isantime, d.c. by a series powder outage. it hit seven government offices including a community college. it will also restore power to the plaza. it initially went out around 5:00 tuesday night. they are working now on making more permanent repairs. >> a suspect accusing down of getting down the congresswoman. they said they are giving notice before he could be given anti psychotic drugs. was found mentally unfit to stand trial. he pleaded not guilty to charges. six people were killed then.
12:01 am
runner.tial front- the massachusetts governor is in for the white house. >> we know we can bring this country back. i am admit romney. believe in america. i am running for president. he promised job creation to be his first priority. he has been highly critical of president obama. that youlent crimes need to see tonight. >> multiple attacks in women in georgetown with an armed man on the blues. it is up next. >> the unofficial start of summer. how you can participate.
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if that is
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with allison starling and timothy brandt sports. abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> police have arrested a man suspected of the memorial day shooting that killed a teenager. he is charged with first-degree murder. this was monday night. they want friends and family to have some some closure -- some closure. a visual tonight feared woman was talking about ordeal after an armed robber. we had the disturbing details. >> police say around 12:30 this
12:04 am
woman walks down 42nd street. >> he stopped me. one will kill you. and an unknown man had a gun and demanded her purse. thenstol whipped her and off.un went if i had got a shot at not. when i heard the ranking, i --, i he left her with a burn on her neck. she considers herself lucky to be alive. she believes the virgin mary was watching out for her. that could evidence result in debt. the 3 miles away, a georgetown student had a similar experience two hours earlier .heiod a man threatened to shoot her.


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